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Create a strong application on your own timeline.

Admissions Essay Editing & Online Courses

In our years of admissions consulting, we’ve seen how strong essays can transform the application process for our students. We want to help you create applicant-focused essays that will wow admissions committees.

Our digital courses give you the chance to get support essay, resume, and addenda advice from our team of consultants at a low cost and on your own schedule!

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Our Master Your Soft Factors Package takes the struggle out of making your soft factors shine.

Our courses are carefully drafted by our expert admissions advisors, including our founder, Sydney Montgomery, a first-generation graduate of Harvard Law.

Our Master Your Soft Factors package includes:

Master Your Personal & Diversity Statement Course

Law School Resume Mini-Course

Navigating Character & Fitness Questions Mini-Course

With this combination, you’ll be able to create strong soft factors that showcase the best of you as a law school candidate.

Get the full package for just $25!

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Once you’ve mastered the skills, our expert Essay Editors will help you polish your essays!

The Master Your Personal & Diversity Statement Course is designed to give you everything you need to write a strong first draft! Once that’s ready, our expert editors will give you personalized feedback on your draft during a 1:1 meeting!

1 Essay Draft Review + 1:1 Essay Meeting

Meet 1:1 with an essay editor for 30 minutes after they review your draft.


If you have already purchased an essay draft review and hope to schedule an additional review with the same editor, please click here.

We offer a 5% discount on course access only to: BIPOC applicants, LGBTQ+ applicants, first-generation applicants, members of the armed services, first-responders, front-line workers, current HBCU students, and Kappa Alpha Theta members. Please email if you believe you qualify.

Master Your Diversity & Personal Statement Course Modules

Researching & Choosing Law Schools

  • Learn how to research and find your ideal law school using the official LSAC guides

  • Gain access to the American Bar Association required disclosures

  • See how to easily browse law schools using the Law School Transparency website

  • Give law schools a chance to find you, using the Candidate Referral Service

  • Resources to better understand what really matters for you when it comes to choosing the right law school (and which schools match your needs)

  • Guidance on building a balanced list of suitable law schools to apply to

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Master Your Personal Statement

  • Everything you need to know about effective brainstorming

  • How to use the powerful Story Matrix to flesh out your ideas and begin your personal statement

  • A complete guide for writing an attention-grabbing "Why Law?" thesis

  • How to choose & organize your best stories to create a better essay flow

  • How to structure and outline your essay before you dive into refining

  • Guides to creating the all important first draft

  • Ability to learn from successful personal statement examples

Master Your Diversity Statement

  • You don't have to be "diverse" in the traditional sense of the word. Almost every student applying to law school will benefit from a strong and well-crafted diversity statement.

  • Learn what actually goes into a diversity statement and what admissions officers are really looking for

  • Utilize our complete guide to creating a powerful first draft of your diversity statement

  • Study example diversity statement prompts

  • Draw inspiration from over 20 successful diversity statements

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Plus, over 20 sample essays for you to learn from the best and get inspired!

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Get the Master Your Personal & Diversity Statement Course.

Completion of this course makes you eligible for $100 off essay editing.

Law School Application Resume Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you:

  • Understand why a separate resume is needed for the law school application

  • Learn how to format your application resume

  • Access proven sample application resumes

  • Understand how to pick apart your own resume for improvement

“Thank y’all for the hard work in creating this course. I’ve found it very helpful in crafting my essays and getting words onto paper.”

Navigating Character & Fitness Disclosures Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you:

  • Understand what character & fitness questions are and why admissions asks for them

  • The types of questions you can expect on your application

  • Best practices for disclosures

  • Live review of a character & fitness disclosure

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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work that you do. This course has been so incredibly helpful in the application process!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course include essay or resume draft reviews?

Our essay draft reviews require a separate purchase. The Master Your Personal & Diversity Statement Course certificate is required, however, to access essay editing. Learn more about essay reviews here.

How long do I have access to the course?

As long as you want! Your purchase gives you lifetime access.

Who created the course?

The course was created by our team of expert admissions advisors, who combined have over 20 years of experience with admissions advising and gave guided over 7,000 students through the process. The process we show in our course is the same process that we use with our own private clients.

How long are essay editing meetings?

Your 1:1 meeting with an essay editor will be thirty minutes. They will provide personalized feedback on your draft, and you will receive edits on the draft as well.

I am having issues accessing the courses.

Reach out to for assistance from our team.

Can I get my supplemental essays, scholarship essays, or resume reviewed?

At this time, we are only offering draft reviews on personal and diversity statements. For full essay support, learn more about our private packages.

Who are the essay editors?

Learn more about our essay editors here! Our essay editors are trained by our expert consultants to use our tried-and-true methods for personal and diversity statements.

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Take back control in the application process.
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