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You wowed them with your application, now wow them with your interview.

Congratulations, you got an interview with a law school! Make no mistake: This is a great feat that means that admissions is very interested in your application.
We're here to help you present your best self to admissions.

Our goals for your interview prep:


 Learn what law schools already know from your applications.


Decide the best way to present yourself to each individual school.


Work on your confidence and ability to answer every question asked.


Understand what to wear and what to expect in the interview process.


Walk into your interview feeling prepared and ready to wow admissions.

Law School Admissions Interview Strategy Call

Like every part of the law school application process, it's important to walk into your interview with intention and a strategy in mind. In our one-on-one strategy call with an admissions advisor, you will get the opportunity to plan ahead for your interview and walk in with confidence!
1:1 Strategy Call

60 minutes of 1:1 prep with an experienced admissions advisor


Interview Prep Resources

Free Google Interview WarmUp

Although designed for a job interview, this can help you get comfortable answering questions before an interview.

Blog: What to Wear to Your Interview

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