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Law School Transfer Admissions Consulting

We believe in you — let’s find you the right law school today!

You already went through the application process before 1L, so now you’re probably wondering: how is it different as a transfer applicant?

During the transfer application process, law schools are less focused on your LSAT score and more focused on your journey as a 1L and the passion you have for law.

Through important components like your essays and letters of recommendation, your transfer admissions application should show where you’re at now and what makes your intended law school perfect for you.

Attending a law school that is the right fit for you is essential for your career! Whether you’re not happy at your current school or want to give a reach school another try, our team can help you create a strong transfer application.


Our methods have guided 7,000+ students through the law school application process, and we are confident we can help you on your journey, too!

Our Non-Profit Pricing Model

As a brand of the non-profit organization Barrier Breakers®, Inc., we offer sliding scale pricing for applicants who reflect our mission.

What does this mean? Our mission is to increase access to and success in higher education for BIPOC and other marginalized students; as such we have a sliding scale for students who fall into one of those categories and/or demonstrate great financial need. The tables below represent the discounts that we offer for these groups. When you sign up to work with us, you will automatically be redirected to a payment page with your discount applied.

We work with all students, however, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or ability to pay! If you are not eligible for a scholarship, you may pay in full or use a payment plan. 


Comprehensive Transfer Package

 One-on-One Support Throughout the Application Process Until Your First Day of 2L 

Available January 2024 - June 2024

Your package includes:

7 Hours of Advising

5 Meetings to Prepare Your Applications

Up to 7 Drafts of Your Personal Statement

Up to 7 Drafts of Your Diversity Statement

Up to 4 Drafts of Scholarship/Supplemental Essays

2 Meetings For Post-Application Guidance

Unlimited Slack, text, and email communication


  • Steps to Ensure Strong Letters of Recommendation
  • Dedicated Brainstorming Activities and Sessions

  • Established Essay Development Framework

  • Clear Essay Organization and Structuring Techniques

  • Tailored Addendum Advice and Drafting Assistance

  • Detailed Resume Review

  • 72-Hour Turnaround Time on Documents

  • Personalized Interview Preparation

  • Strategic Waitlist and Scholarship Negotiation Advice

  • Financial Aid and Loan Guidelines

  • Letters of Continued Interest Review and Edits

Payment plans are available through PayPal and Klarna.

“I am so glad that I worked with Sydney on my law school transfer applications. When I started the transfer process, I was feeling burnt out from my first year of law school and was unsure if it was worth going through yet another round of grueling applications. But Sydney was incredibly supportive every step of the way. She not only helped me believe in my own abilities but was able to shine a light on qualities and abilities I didn’t know I had. Now I am finishing my second year at my dream law school and I can’t thank her enough.”

2021-2022 Transfer Student

Just interested in getting your essays reviewed?

Our essay draft review services for your personal and diversity statement are available year-round from our expert essay editors.

While Sydney was honest with me about how difficult it would be to get into my first choice law school, she also made it clear that she knew I could do it. Her belief in me made all the difference.

2021-2022 Transfer Student

All of our private package students also get access to our Beyond Barriers Student & Alumni Network!

All private law school admissions consulting packages include lifetime access to our Beyond Barriers Student & Alumni Network where you can network with current and former clients, get paired with a mentor, and access a variety of Beyond Barriers exclusive resources, events, affinity groups, and more!
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